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Mara Perez

Breeder of Merit

Rancho De Lagos Temecula, CA

My name is Mara Perez; I am the owner/operator of Rancho De Lagos, Located in Temecula, CA, Wine country. I have extensive experience & knowledge in the areas of canine health, behavior, training, and grooming. I was a veterinarian technician for six years. I have offered dog training, boarding & geriatric care for 15+ years. I also have the pleasure of raising, breeding & showing dairy goats as well as a variety of other animals. I currently have close to 300 head of Animals on my 30-acre ranch, including goats, sheep, deer, horses, ponies, donkeys, tortoises, camels, cats, chickens, emu, ducks, turkeys, and peafowl.


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Registration #030120-02

Livestock: Yes

OFA CHIC Certified

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Registration # 110118-01

Livestock: Yes

OFA CHIC Certified

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