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Member Agreement

The following Code of Ethics is attached to and made a part of the AGC Bylaws.  All AGC Members are representatives of the Club and the Breed. All Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that brings respect to the Club and the Breed by displaying civility, honesty, and responsibility for their dogs and themselves at all times.  All AGC Members must protect the Armenian Gampr and its future by raising Breed awareness, welcoming new owners or interested persons, and facilitating their education about the Breed and the Club.  As part of any request to join the Armenian Gampr Coalition or participate in Club Programs, Members acknowledge the responsibilities and pledge to follow the AGC Code of Ethics.  If a Member cannot, or is no longer willing to abide by this document, the Member may submit written resignation to the Club. Any willful violation of this Code of Ethics can result in Member suspension or expulsion.


Section 1: All Members

All AGC members shall:


  1. Abide by these AGC Code of Ethics and AGCA Show Guidelines, when applicable.

  2. Register all Armenian Gampr dogs with AGC and understand that this information is crucial for analyzing Breed data and adjusting the Breed Conservation Program.

  3. Encourage other Gampr owners and enthusiasts to join the AGC as members so that everyone receives proper owner support, breed education, and the chance to participate in this community effort.

  4. Recommend and support participation in the Registration and Litter Database, maintained by AGC for all Armenian Gampr dogs and puppies.

  5. Not knowingly falsify any papers or documents, such as health records, registration or pedigree information, show records, or other documents about the dogs or the Club.

  6. Encourage and maintain the best accepted, reasonable, and responsible standards of canine health, hygiene, feeding, care, and training.

  7. Be mentors for the Breed by willingly sharing correct knowledge about Armenian Gamprs. Novices are encouraged to seek more experienced Breeders/Owners for advice and assistance.

  8. Not sell, give, trade, or surrender any Gampr to a commercial facility, lab, pet shop, or animal shelter.

  9. Not misrepresent owned dogs to anyone by temperament, working ability, or soundness.

  10. Do not use dogs for any illegal activity, including supporting or purchasing from any known overseas seller/breeder that participates in dog fighting or breeds dogs for fighting.

  11. Not spread false information as it pertains to the Breed or try to discredit Owners, Breeders, Exhibitors, or AGC members. All parties agree to handle any issue that may arise civilly. An AGC Club Officer may mediate between parties if requested.