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Our mission is to provide support and education; raise awareness and appreciation of the breed within Canada. At the same time, we are working alongside the Armenian Gampr Club of America by practicing the ideal methods for conserving this ancient landrace to ensure a stable and diverse gene pool within Canada.


AGC will monitor the Armenian Gampr health, identify and research any diseases or hereditary conditions within our population, and contribute to research programs benefiting the breed in collaboration with the AGCA for the betterment of the breed vital in North America.


The AGC will encourage all its members to continue the important work of the AGCA and AGC by following the COE, Maintaining a registry and health testing, and encouraging breeders to join the Approved Breeder Program, along with external projects such as Embark DNA. Members of the AGC will have their voices and concerns heard through a voting process, so the club reflects the membership.


AGC strives to preserve the Armenian Gampr as a working livestock guardian dog first and foremost while acknowledging its multipurpose abilities and distinct versatility, making it stand out from other LGD breeds.

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