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9/28/22 UPDATE:  Commercial imports are on hold due to new regulations. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in pet Gampr imports.



Armenian Gampr numbers have plummeted dangerously over the last few centuries due to wars and genocide, the Soviets pillaging the gene pool, poverty, and loss of land.  To make matters worse, in the previous three decades, the gene pool has dwindled even more with the popularity of breeding fighting dogsfalse labeling, and widespread misinformation within the Gampr community. Most of the dogs labeled as Armenian Gampr are not.  Out of all the dogs posted to social media or seen in the villages of Armenia, very few are not mixed. Due to the highly fragile nature of the gene pool, it was critical to source thoroughly investigated, approved pups direct from working shepherds of Armenia as part of the Special Genetics Program to save our breed from extinction.

In 2018, the Armenian Gampr Club of America (AGCA) developed a path for procuring true, working Armenian Gamprs from nomadic sheep camps for farmers and homesteaders in the United States and Canada. The Import Program is the only one in the world, and we are proud to be a partner to AGCA and represent all Canadian imports.

The AGC and AGCA are not sellers of any puppies. The shepherds of Armenia are the owners of the parents and puppies. The role of the two Clubs is to oversee the shepherds, investigate each proposed litter and utilize the established connections to help connect farmers with a puppy from actual true, working lines.


Both Clubs work with trusted contacts in Armenia, such as Armen Khechoyan and Tigran Grigoryan.

A few previous puppies in Armenia who were later imported



The United States CDC has banned the importation of dogs from 113 countries, including Armenia, therefore, THE GENETICS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD FOR THE USA.

Read the 7/14/21 release.  


Puppies evaluated and approved for promotion in this Program are available to farmers and homesteaders in Canada who are AGC or AGCA Members in good standing, who by membership have agreed to the Code of Ethics


Once litters are investigated and approved to be included in this Program, they will be listed here. Please email us more information on puppies listed below or general inquiries about the program.

UPDATED 9/1/22

None at this time

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