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Armenian Gampr, Working Dog, Guardian, On duty, Manitoba, Canada

We welcome all ethical owners, breeders and Gampr fans alike.

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Register your puppy, adult or request a certificate for your litter.

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Evaluations are an invaluable tool to use for the betterment of the breed.

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The Armenian Gampr Coalition is a group of like-minded Gampr owners and breed lovers who are devoted to the betterment of the breed in an ethical, responsible manner.  AGC is comprised of Members from Canada and the USA but welcome new members worldwide. 


We are farmers, homesteaders, families, mothers, fathers and friends. Together, along with the original breed organization, the Armenian Gampr Club of America (AGCA), we form a community coalition to bring breed awareness and proper conservation of the Armenian Gampr dog.

AGC Board of Directors

President - Cassandra Shackleton

Executive Director - Yvonne Seeley

Communications Director - Alannah DeBernardi

Club Secretary - Morgan Phillips

Genetics Coordinator - Heather Morrisey



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Puppies and adults in Canada and the United States.

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Litters in Armenia who have been approved for import

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View AGC Approved Breeders in Canada and the USA




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The embrace a of breed 'description' instead of a 'standard'

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Guardian by nature, traits of the Armenian Gampr working dog

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Important aspects of Armenian Gampr health  for owners and breeders


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